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Number of songs: He interprets his artist name as "super-intelligentes Drogenopfer" super-intelligent drug victim. Würdig distinguishes himself by using provocative and aggressive lyrics.

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After his breakthrough with his debut album Maske inWürdig was always seen wearing a silver skull mask. However, as stated in various interviews, since he no longer wears the mask, having handed it to his former boss Specter.

Würdig's career began inas one half of duo Royal TS now A.

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As of Sido is signed to Universal Music Group. Paul Würdig was born to a German father and a Sinti mother.

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Würdig stated in berlin singles discography interview with the radio station BigFM that he's one-eighth Iranian. At the age of eight years Sido and his younger sister were brought up by their mother in East Berlin in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood.

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Inthe family moved to West Berlin, where they first lived in emergency accommodation in Wedding along with many asylum seekers. They then moved into Märkisches Viertel, a high-rise residential area in the Berlin borough of Reinickendorf. During his childhood and youth, Märkisches Viertel had a high proportion of migrants and low-income families. There he attended the Bettina-von-Arnim-Oberschule and afterwards began an apprenticeship as an educator, which he never completed.

Sido has been active in the music business since Together with his best friend Berlin singles discography he released several EPs and demos under the name Royal TS, which were never officially published, at the Berlin underground hip hop label Royal Bunker.


At a concert the duo got the attention of Halil, Specter and Spaiche Sido's solo career began in with the "Arschficksong" "Ass-fuck song" on the sampler Aggro Ansage Nr. InSido's debut album Maske was released, reaching 3 on the German charts and selling more thancopies to date, achieving gold status.

berlin singles discography

The original album was indexed because of the song "Endlich Wochenende" "Finally weekend" which, according to the BPjM, glorified the use of drugs. The album was rereleased under the name "Maske X" with berlin singles discography song "Arschficksong" in replacement of "Endlich Wochenende". The song was also published with the video slightly censoredfor the first time as a single. In September of the same berlin singles discography, he won a prestigious German music award for "Best Berlin singles discography.

After this debut album, together with his Label colleagues B-Tight and Fler, he released two label samplers: Aggro Ansage Nr.


InSido performed with Brainless Wankers de and represented Berlin in the Bundesvision Song Contest with the song "Mama ist stolz", placing 3rd with points. Later he collaborated with rapper Harris, as the rap duo Berlin singles discography Lieblings Rapper "Your favourite rappers". Inthey released their debut album Dein Lieblings Album "Your favourite album"with "Steh wieder auf" get up again as the only single.

In DecemberSido released his second album Ich, which reached 4 in the German album charts.

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Three singles: The album achieved gold status. Sekte, engl. Everything is the sect formed their label Sektenmuzik and a rap-crew named Die Sekte with Rhymin Simon and Vokalmatador. Tony Berlin singles discography joined berlin singles discography.

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His third album Ich und meine Maske was released at the end of May It reached 1 in the German album charts. Soost and Loona.

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Many people were surprised, wondering why Sido, the Aggro-rapper with his provocative and aggressive lyrics, would join a TV show like Popstars? At the end of Popstars the band Queensberry was formed. On 1 Aprilthe label Aggro Berlin was closed.

berlin singles discography

On October, 30th Sido released his fourth studio album Aggro Berlin. The lead single "Hey du!

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He reported that he kept his East Berlin origins secret for a long time for fear of bullying. Würdig has a son, whose name and date of birth are not known publicly, but he references him in the songs "Aggro Gold", "Ein Teil von mir" and "", amongst others. He began dating former Nu Pagadi lead singer Doreen Steinert in mid and on 14 February they became engaged.

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But in April they broke off their engagement. Just a few weeks later, in early MayWürdig confirmed rumors that he had started dating German TV presenter Charlotte Engelhardt.

Sido had a second son with Charlotte in The perceived rebellious berlin singles discography of Sido's label affiliates B-Tight, Fler, and G-Hot, whose persona emphasize embittered racial or class standpoints, have garnered additional berlin singles discography in widely circulated publications. During his performances he insulted Frankfurt rapper Azad's mother saying: A week later Sido and Azad met each other backstage and after a short dispute it escalated single bar schweinfurt a brawl that involved the artists of Aggro Berlin and Bozz Music.

The security and the police arrived to stop the conflict, but Azad and his crew had fled already.

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